March 25th, 2018

taylor conroy web pic 2.jpg

Hi, my name is Taylor Conroy, and my first filmed talk changed my life.

It was 2011, I had never spoken in public before… and I was terrified. I forced myself to go through with it anyway, and the rest is history. That talk led to me speaking at the United Nations, Harvard, Disney, and in front of crowds of 10,000 people. 

Now I get flown to incredible events all over the world, and get paid $10,000 per speaking engagement… all from having ONE high-quality filmed talk. 

I created this event to help others get high-quality filmed talks that they can use to position themselves as a thought-leader, get paid to speak, and most of all, share their message with the world. 


Event Details

On Sunday March 25th, you will get on stage and do your talk in front of our friendly audience, and professional 3 camera set-up. The stage, backdrop, lighting, AV equipment, and more will all be ready for you, and you can definitely “do-over” any parts of your speech that you stumble on. The audience is there to encourage you and enjoy your talk. All you need to do is show up, and get ready to share your amazing self with the world!



  1.  professional film crew to capture your best talk

  2.  A THREE-camera setup to catch multiple angles

  3.  high-quality audio with handheld and lavaliere microphones available

  4.  compelling intro and outro on final video: “LA IdeasFest” to position you as a thought leader

  5.  full “TED style” editing to engage viewers

  6.  your finished talk delivered to you within 14 days of the event

(value of $5,000) 



  1. 3 hours of video content showing you how to spread your talk online ($297 value) 

  2. Guide for ‘How to name your talk to go viral’ ($97 value) 

  3. Exclusive list of 1100+ TEDx events coming up in 2018 for you to apply to ($5,000 value) 

(value of $5,394)